About Rachel

Authenticity, empathy and humility are just a few of the values that have made Rachel a unique and caring artist for many years.

Understanding the importance of being true to herself and what it truly means to be open and self-accepting is what allows her to create art that reflects not only her own emotions and experiences, but also the very nature of her subjects.

It’s through her deep sensitivity and empathy that she is able to capture sincere emotions and convey them genuinely through her artwork.

It’s this very quality that awakens the senses of her audience.

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Through the use of vivid colors, Rachel manages to portray the delicate balance of intimacy, vulnerability and empowerment onto each canvas.

Each brush stroke creates harmony and lends a sensitivity that brings her paintings to life.While her paintings are erotic and sensual, they convey a deep sense of resounding truth by exposing the essence of her message.

With each stroke, she captures the sensation of a caress, the movement of a touch, the affection behind a gaze, inviting the viewer to enter a world of raw perception.

With portraits of iconic personalities that have inspired many different generations, she has developed the keen ability to act as a powerful conduit between her subject and her audience, conveying an authenticity now frozen in time and creating a meaningful and timeless impact.

As a self-taught artist, Rachel has had to rely on persistence and hard work to develop her unique and evocative style. For this reason, those exposed to her paintings feel both a deep connection to her work while experiencing a great sense of pride in owning such a poignant work of art.


Artistic Process

As a multidisciplinary artist, Rachel's creative process begins before she even touches her brush. It first consists of capturing a moment or an emotion in order to externalize its true message.

Through a series of filters created from memories or evoked feelings, she converts this raw experience into a powerful art piece, brimming with beauty, emotion and authenticity. It is through this hands-on process that she is able to create an entire universe around her subject, creating striking works of art that are sure to move anyone who sees them.

It all starts with a connection, a moment, a subject or an emotion that inspires her artistic fiber. She then aims to capture this beauty in the delicate movements and curves of the human body, through the emotions expressed by the eyes, or in the intuitive subtleties revealed through the intimacy and authenticity of the moment now suspended in time.


 I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Rachel. From the moment we met, she was very friendly and helpful and she instantly put me at ease.We were both very excited about our project and she seemed very in tune with what I was looking for. The end result was a stunning work of art beyond what I had even imagined.

Malcolm James Keenan

Rachel a un talent à l’état brut et c’est vraiment magnifique de voir la puissance émanant de ses œuvres.

Stéphane Martin

Rachel est  une artiste incroyablement talentueuse et sa passion pour son art transparaît dans chacune de ses œuvres. Je suis fier de pouvoir accrocher cette toile dans mon bureau et de la partager. Je recommande vivement les œuvres de Rachel à tous les amateurs d'art.

Mehdi Hammou


Galerie Okko

415 Chem. de la Grande-Côte, Rosemère,
QC J7A 1K9
(450) 951-9581